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Covenant Recording Studio owner Glenn Storlie started recording with a simple 4 track tape machine 25 years ago. During that time he produced a weekly radio program for a local AM station for a little over one year. That experience sparked an interest in recording that would be rekindled years later.

In 2001, Glenn bought a stand-alone digital recorder for capturing personal projects and song ideas. Within a week, he  was asked if it could be used to record a CD project, although the recorder had not even been unpacked nor turned on. That same year, the recording engineer they had hired needed to borrow it and Glenn knew it was “sink or swim.”  Soon, Glenn built and soundproofed a small guest house as the first studio. It was then that he decided to start Covenant Recording.

Not long after, Glenn was given an opportunity to spend some with a successful producer and engineer named Kevin Ward in Nashville, and he was hooked! Watching Kevin work and seeing what was possible inspired Glenn to pursue recording and to set the bar ever higher. So, he began acquiring better equipment, microphones and instruments, and also began incorporating what Kevin had shown him.

It didn’t take long before Glenn was outgrowing the one-room, 500 square foot studio, and he began thinking about building a real studio. That year, at the Arlington Guitar Show, Glenn met Perry Margouleff.  He asked to look at a guitar Glenn was carrying and that’s when Perry recognized a photo in the case. It turned out that Perry had heard about a Preacher Lady named Daisy from Amarillo who had played and collected guitars. Perry told Glenn the he was born in Amarillo and that the story about Aunt Daisy–The Preacher Lady–had always stuck with him. The story is significant because The Preacher Lady is an aunt to Laina–Glenn’s wife and co-owner of Covenant Recording Studios!

Covenant Recording Studios

Through that “chance” meeting and a bonding over The Preacher Lady’s story, a friendship began that has grown and changed Glenn’s destiny. With Perry’s help, Glenn’s dream of building a studio not only became a reality, but far exceeded his wildest dreams.

Perry also introduced Glenn to the legendary George Augspurger, whose award-winning studio designs are unequalled. George agreed to design the entire studio, and coupled with Perry’s advice and guidance, the new Covenant Recording Studio was built. Glenn will be always be indebted to these men for their generosity and friendship, and is hopeful that the music produced in the studio will reflect their investment.

Covenant Recording is fortunate to offer the rare combination of top quality instruments, vintage recording equipment and stunning acoustic design!

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